A profound, BEAUTIFUL story. I experienced envy, sadness, joy, guilt and comfort all in one. The last page leaves you with a lump in your
throat and "Wow!" on your lips.

  • Mark Herndon, Commercial Pilot/Country Music Hall of Fame Drummer

A very evocative book that reawakens in us the desire to know what the future holds. Neal Wooten has written a most important book
that offers everyone HOPE for the future. The author’s extensive knowledge of the Bible and his very interesting way of revealing this
knowledge gives those of us who love to study the Bible an important new and fresh way to appreciate the scriptures. This book is one
of those that must be read in one sitting because you cannot leave it until the end.

  • Tonie Niblett, Dean of Students - Northeast Alabama Community College

In a world where time travel stories are a dime-a-dozen, Neal Wooten spins a fresh tale in his book Reternity.  Not since Marty and Doc
climbed into the DeLorean has time travel been so riveting. Wooten does a masterful job of painting each scene with such detail that
not only do you feel like you are peeking over the shoulders of the characters, but even the most ‘tech-savvy’ reader is almost tempted to
search the net for parts to build his own time machine

  • Skip Wilson, Mechanical Engineer

Reternity grabbed me from the start, and I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what would happen next.  
I found myself liking the characters and rooting for them, like old friends.  I was completely absorbed in
the plot, and then I was blown away at the surprise ending.  Reternity is the kind of book that stays with
you long after turning the last page.

  • Corey Colombin, Writer for Colorado Serenity Magazine;
.......Author of the novel, "Confessions of a Coffee Slinger"

Wow, what a story.  I can honestly say this was one of the best stories I've read in a while.  One of my
favorites of the last few years!!!!!!!!!!!  I did not expect the ending at all. Your story had me engaged all
the way through - in fact, I read your book a few times

  • Scribendi (Professional Editing Services)

A great book has the power to make me smile ― this book made me laugh.
A great book has the power to made me sad ― this book made me cry.
A great book will stay with you for days ―  I don't think I'll ever get this book out of my head.  I loved it.

  • Susan Arrington, RN

I loved this book.  I could not put it down until I finished it.  I was impressed with the author's extraordinary knowledge of the Bible.  I
enjoy studying the Bible myself, but this author really gave me new insights and provoked a new desire for deeper study and reflection.  
I was raised in the country (Bible Belt) and can identify with the setting, tone, and atmosphere in the book.  I appreciated the integrity and
intelligence of the main character and not bothered that he was so young.  (The older I get the more I see can be learned by youth) His
diplomacy and steadfastness in being confronted by hypocrisy and simplistic interpretation of the Bible was admirable.  The ending of
the book was Awesome!! It really caught me by surprise.  The message in my opinion was Hope.  GREAT READ FOR ANYONE!!

  • Linda Millican, Instructor of Psychology - Northeast Alabama Community College

Just finished Reternity. I have to say that I was completely engrossed in this book from the minute I started reading it. The writing was
impeccable. The Biblical references were spot on, and the story was as good as any Christian based novel that I have read. The
ending....WOW, what a punch in the gut! Loved this book.

  • Reverend Benjamin D. Arrington, Pastor

Reternity was the most interesting and captivating book I have read in many years. The Biblical references in this book are a true
testament to the author's passion to make this book a tool for the everyday person to get acquainted with God's word and still be
entertained with literature. It had me wanting to open up the Good Book and read scriptures that I had read before, but now I could see
how they could apply to a current life situation.  It made me think a little more out of the 'box'  that I have comfortably dwelt in all my life. I
was completely blown away with the ending. Neal Wooten is an extremely talented and brilliant writer. I can't wait to read what he comes
out with next!

  • Rebecca Monroe Farmer, Dekalb County Board of Education

This is a book well worth reading and one to pass on to your children.  Wooten's prose snaps the way only one who has lived is able to
write. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to all the idealists who are still brave enough to believe in serendipity and know deep in
their hearts the world can truly be a wonderful adventure.

  • Rev. Martin Regan Dove,  Actor/Playwright, NYC

At first I thought there were too many differences in the main character, Max, and myself.  Then I realized that this mirrors real life where
a lot of my close friends and associates do not believe everything that I believe, yet we are still friends.  The wonderful thing about the
book is that it does not ask you to believe everything Max believes.  In fact, most of the other characters do not accept a lot of Max’s
beliefs.  But it promotes healthy discussion and it promotes faith.  As for the story and the writing – incredible!  
As for the ending  - phenomenal!  

  • Matthew A Gibbons, PhD.  Pastor/ Advisor     

Is it possible to have such a clear grasp of scripture and science?  The Bible study sessions were so interesting that I found myself
rereading my Bible to check the accuracy.  But even without this, the story had me sucked in from the beginning.  Or as they would say in
Jerry Maguire, “You had me at Chapter One.”  I will admit that the ending was not what I had foreseen.  Hint:  Don’t finish the book at
2 a.m. or you might not get to sleep.

  • Melissa Bennett, High School History Teacher

Reternity is such a great read! This book is one of those you just have to climb in, grab hold, and take the ride plumb through to the end,
and when you get to the end, what a surprise you'll have. I found myself pulling out my Bible to keep up. I wanted to defend my favorite
characters, cry for them, and laugh at them. When I finally reached the end of this ride, there was still so much left.  I couldn't help but
ponder.....what if

  • Lynn Black Owens, Baptist

You won't want to put this page-turner down. It will stretch your mind out-of-the-box and challenge you exactly where you stand in your
faith, regarding creation and science.  This fascinating, nail-biting, sci-fi mystery approach will stir up your individual conflict and
struggle between science and the Bible, as well as entertain you. The author, Neal Wooten, has an uncanny ability to present many of
the questions you have asked yourself at one time or another as a natural part of the drama through inquiring college-age characters.

In spite of his youthful age, Max reveals unwavering sound thinking and steadfastness in his character and his beliefs. You are
guaranteed to be encouraged in at least two ways:  a new appreciation for science and a strengthening of your personal faith.

  • Sally Patton-Hall, author of "The Cat Who Could Tell Time", "Everything Got Bigger", & "Cat Tales
    About The Cat Who Wanted To Fly"

I finished reading "Reternity" at 2:00 am; I could not put it down! What a fantastic read. The description of Max, his beliefs and
determination, Rollo's sense of humor, Professor Nowak's Bible study, the impossible projects he assigned for extra credit, how each
student gave their interpretation of the scriptures, and how Max steadfastly presented his views, were all wonderful.  The surprise
ending left me in awe. "Reternity" will be on the NY Times Best Sellers List.

  • Concetta Payne, author of the "Bobo the Race Car" trilogy.

Neal Wooten's "Reternity" is a compelling read.  It is a unique blend of science and faith generating thoughts of the afterlife.  The author
is a very talented writer who captivates the reader with his fresh storyline, excellent foreshadowing and beautiful imagery.  The
characters are engaging, from the likeable Julie and Rollo to the main character, Max.  A mother and father's unconditional love for their
child, Max, was felt several times throughout the story.  The way the author "showed" Max and Julie's first kiss actually made my eyes
water.  Who doesn't remember that first kiss?  The suspense builds from the first chapter and heightens in the final chapters. You won't
want to put the book down until you see what happens to the main characters.

  • Lisa Sarver, author of "The Grateful Spider"

The first thing to remember about “Reternity” is that it is fiction. I was reminded of this before I read the book.  Going in I knew I was not
reading a theology book, even though it is obvious the author included much of his own theological interpretations. Although I disagree
with some of the scripture interpretation in the book, it is well written.

Neal keeps the anticipation level perfect. Even while you are reading about one of the Bible studies or the young man's first kiss, the
science project is always in the back of your mind. There is always an anticipation about how that experiment will work out.

I did not see the end coming. Hats off to Neal.  He got me! :-)

  • Alex Burt, www.UntilAllHear.com

In Reternity, Neal Wooten captures the imagination and brings to life the possibilities of time travel within our lifetime.  Coupled with
endearing characters who explore what it means to be a Christian in today's world, this fascinating tale keeps the reader at the edge of
their seat, wondering what will happen next.  With a storyline that flows seamlessly, and creative use of the language, as seen in this
example when Max, the main character who is having a sleepless night, is described by way of having

"...too many things running through his head, like a carousel spinning out of control,
and sleep was just an innocent kid trying to figure out a way to hop on."

--one can easily picture Max's struggle as he wrestles with questions that lead him down the road to a surprising conclusion.  Neal
Wooten has written a masterfully intriguing and suspenseful book.  Bravo!

  • Paula Parente, author of"Annie’s Amethyst" and "Rosalind’s Rose Quartz"

RETERNITY had my attention from the start.  The main character, Max, certainly was everything a Minister would want his son to be: a
loving and good young man who absolutely knew and loved his Bible.  Who would have thought he'd have the courage to challenge
scientific beliefs studied for centuries, and to help us all to understand they absolutely blend.  I can see this book as a movie and the
world could use a movie like it about now.

  • Mary Donaldson, author of “Andy the Soldier Ant” and “Timothy Firefly and the Fourth of July”

Last night I sat down to read "Reternity" and did not get up until I had finished it.  Wow!  I was spellbound.  I am an avid reader and have
not read anything as mentally and emotionally engaging in many years.  Even this morning I am "feeling" it internally

  • Irma Jacobs Tirro, author of “It’s Almost Friday” and “The Lonely Snowflake”