This might not be the most important
review that Reternity ever receives,
but it's the cutest.
The Milwaukee Racing
Sausages.  Now we
know what they were
racing for, to be the first
to get a copy of
The Milwaukee
Book signing - awesome day.
They were lined up.  
Great fans.   
Some fans might love the book
more than others.
A flight attendant pins this
on her luggage wherever
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Book Trailer
"Read Reternity"
Send us your pics or homemade "Read Reternity" sign from your
favorite place or landmark, or just be creative. Thanks.
From a fan
in Ashford,
Kent in
From a flight attendant
traveling through Salt Lake City
Don't remember where this fan
was from.  (kidding)
From a fan in south Florida.
From a fan in NYC
(Harlem and
Times Square)
From a fan in
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