Born in Fort Payne, Alabama, and growing up atop rural Sand
Mountain, Neal Wooten was the son of a farmer and spent
countless hours in the okra fields.  

He would attend Auburn University to pursue a math degree,
completing his schoolin' at Auburn University in Montgomery
(AUM).  His first career out of college was a joke.  It was a ton of
jokes, as he spent the next five years headlining as a standup
comic in comedy clubs throughout the Southeast.

He was the creative force behind the popular comic strip “Warp”
and has had originals of oil and acrylic paintings, as well as
prints, sold in art galleries and online.

He has had poems published, numerous political cartoons
published, and is a columnist for The Indie Times and for the
Mountain Valley News.  He is also a stand-up comic..

He has tutored people in math for 30 years from simple high
school algebra to college Calculus and Differential Equations.  
He was a math teacher and the director of a math learning

Neal would live in Montgomery for the next 20 years until, in
2005, he was dragged kicking and screaming to the snow-
infested plains of the American Midwest.  He currently lives in
Milwaukee, WI with his wife and three dogs.