Party Zone Escape Room
Available Friday nights,
Saturday nights &
Sunday nights

5-6pm  6-7pm  7-8pm
8-9pm and 9-10om

For 2-6 participants,
$20 per person.

To reserve or ask a question,
call Neal at 256-273-6432
or text 256-465-1866
or email
The new escape room at Party Zone, 3511 S Broad St in
Scottsboro, is available Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sunday
nights from 5-10. Your group can consist of anywhere from 2-6
participants, $20 each. You have 60 minutes to solve 40 clues and
uncover the code to let you out. If you're not out in an hour, the
room fills with poisonous gas. (That's just a little joke.)
So, do you have what it takes?